4 Chicken Nesting Box


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Nest made of 100% metal, very easy to clean thanks to the holes in both the tray and the egg deposit.

Each department respects the necessary and fair measures so that the hen can properly incubate the eggs and feel protected.


The nest has a 35 mm diameter perch, perfect for the hens’ feet. The tube is 1.5mm thick, giving it incredible strength.

nesting box trays

The tray is made from a single piece of metal, making this nest one of the strongest and strongest on the market.

The tray has perforations in the front, to facilitate cleaning the farmer once you remove the straw from the nest.


It has ventilation on all sides and separators to avoid condensation inside the nest, avoiding condensation that could disturb the hens or damage the nest.

It has two upper tabs to hang it.

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 105 × 35 × 10 cm