Communal Rollaway Nesting Box – Flock of 22 Birds


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The “Bennu” communal laying box is a nest that provides an open space in which your chickens share the nesting space to create a collective nest system. This communal system is the most popular among farmers, since it allows the entry of many chickens simultaneously and the tarps allow more darkness inside and this gives more privacy to the chickens. Undoubtedly one of the most recommended products for lovers of free range poultry.

The communal laying box is made entirely from galvanized sheet metal with an exclusive design that allows the rollaway nesting tray to be placed outside or inside the hen house. This gives incredible versatility to the chicken keeper without spending more on accessories or additional parts. The base of the nest has perforations to separate dust from the eggs, and this can also be disassembled to facilitate cleaning the nest.

The characteristics of the Bennu nest are as follows:

  • We have a unique design making the experience of collecting eggs even easier. We have developed a “drawer” type opening system, so collecting the eggs is much easier and cleaner since the dirt that may be on the lid does not fall into the inside the collection tray, as is the case with most systems on the market that fold upwards.
  • The Bennu nest is made of 100% galvanized sheet 0.6 mm thick.
  • The tray is made in one piece with perforations to prevent dirt from getting inside the tray. As a result, the design gives the nest an incredible robustness, which makes it one of the most durable nests in the market.
  • The base of the tank also has perforations to screen the dust from the eggs, and this can also be disassembled to facilitate cleaning the nest.
  • The nest can be perfectly placed on the ground, as the sides make the legs strong and robust.

Once you have purchased a Bennu nest you can decide to place the collection tray outside or inside the hen house without purchasing more parts or accessories. So we give incredible value to the customer with the same product, since he can catch the eggs inside or outside the hen house giving us incredible versatility.

The interior space of the Bennu nest is open, that means it has no gaps, allowing more hens to enter to lay their eggs collectively.

Being an open space, we add 20 cm PVC tarpaulins at the entrance to create an intimate atmosphere inside the Bennu nest, this makes the hens more comfortable laying collectively.

perch measurement

The nest has a 35 mm diameter perch, perfect for the hen’s feet, which improves their well-being when entering the nest. The tube is 1.5mm thick, giving it an ideal strength to withstand heavy use.

This listing is for the mid-size 75cm wide Bennu model. We also have bigger and smaller versions  Р100cm wide and 50cm wide which you can view by clicking on the links.

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 82 × 35 × 10 cm